Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Furniture and Office Chair Casters and Wheels

furniture casters, office chair wheels, chair casters
Twin Wheel Caster

There are several different types of furniture / chair casters, different sizes, colors and styles. The most common type of chair caster is the twin wheel hooded caster, (Pictured right). The stem on this caster is a grip ring stem 7/16" wide or thick by 7/8" tall and has 50mm wheels (2"). Made out of black nylon. This style caster comes on most new office and desk chairs and for the most part is adequate for the job.

furniture casters for hard wood floors, chair casters, chariot wheels
Chair / Furniture Caster

If you chair casters have worn out or you are using your chair on hardwood floors, you may want to upgrade to a higher quality caster.

We offer several options for your chairs, the wheels recommended for hardwood floors have a caster with a polyurethane or gray rubber tread and will not scratch or leave marks on the flooring. You could get the same style wheel with polyurethane tread or upgrade to a heavier duty style like the one pictured to the left. This is a gray non marking rubber which will roll quietly and not scuff your flooring.
Hardwood floor safe casters are a common upgrade, while not cheap they are certainly cheaper than having your floor re-finished

While the above mentioned grip ring stem is the most common, there are several types of mounting applications. There is a grip neck stem which is commonly found in older, wooden furniture and usually has a socket that will need replacing. Next is the threaded stem, the most difficult to replace due to the numerous sizes available, measuring is a must height, width and thread pitch is necessary.
Lastly the top plate style, measuring is easy and quick as there are only a few sizes available the top plate style is more commonly used on displays and desks. Expandable adapters are used in furniture with tubular legs and piping.

threaded stem casters, grip ring stem, grip neck stem, expandable adapter
Stem Style Samples

Friday, October 17, 2014

Casters in the Food Industry

Stainless Steel Light Duty 3"X1-1/4" Total Lock Swivel Caster Gray Rubber on Polyolefin Core
Stainless Steel Swivel Caster
Casters and wheels are a essential partner in the food processing and service industries. These casters range from heavy duty to light duty and come in assortment of styles and options.

Some of the most common are the non marking gray rubber wheels on a stainless steel caster. This is a quiet, easy to roll, corrosion free setup. With the constant cleaning and spraying down of the carts in the food industry, stainless steel is a logical choice. The standard zinc coated casters will resist rusting but over time will corrode and while the stainless option is more expensive this set up will save time and money in the long run.

Another popular one is the high temperature caster and wheel, phenolic or nylon, these wheels will withstand extremely high temperatures, perfect for ovens, autoclaves and steaming. The high temp nylon wheel is perfect for high temps that have a high humidity level or wet applications, the Phenolic is better in dry heat.

The bottom line is that casters are a fixture in the food industry, whether food service carts, dollies, kitchen and bakery racks, equipment or cleaning and service carts like Rubbermaid. Whatever your needs high quality casters and wheels are a must. But the proper application for each casters is paramount. Contact our caster specialists and let them assist you in finding the right casters and wheels for your application.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Product Review: Buy Casters V Groove Wheels

4"x 2" Cast Iron / Semi Steel v groove wheel, black, roller bearing
Cast Iron V Groove wheel
V-Groove caster wheels are commonly used in heavy duty industrial applications. They are made of steel / cast iron, Ductile steel , drop forged steel, polyurethane and nylon.
The most common is the cast iron aka semi steel, these are economical and have great capacities and and durability. V groove wheels are specifically made for riding on inverted angle iron track but can be also used on flat surfaces. The "v groove" in the wheel allows for load equalization while running on the track. These wheels, depending on the size, can handle loads up to 3500 lbs per wheel, they have a tensile strength of 30,000 psi, and can handle temps from -40f to 600f.

An excellent high quality option that have been put through rigorous tests to handle the abuse and heavy duty applications of today's industrial and manufacturing industries.

Offered with several bearing types, roller and tapered bearings are the most common.

V-Groove wheels are the perfect solution to keeping those heavy duty carts and dollies safely on track.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Product Review : Rubbermaid Replacement Casters & Wheels

Rubbermaid mop buckets and carts are high quality and expensive equipment that can take some excessive abuse, if your wheel or caster has failed, don't throw away the cart or bucket, replace the casters with an economical and high quality set of casters and wheels. The sets available a BuyCasters.com are direct OEM replacements and exceed the standards of Rubbermaid. 

Mop Bucket Caster Se
Rubbermaid Mop Bucket Casters are 3" diameter thermo plastic non marking rubber wheels with a swivel grip ring stem. The casters are zinc coated to resist corrosion. They fit perfectly into the existing holes on the buckets. Each set of 4 casters comes complete with extra inserts, just in case yours have worn out. 

casters and wheels for rubbermaid carts, swivel casters, 5" casters and wheels
Rubbermaid 4401, 4500, 4505, 4525 Caster

The  Rubbermaid Cart Casters are a direct replacement for the 4401, 4500, 4505, 4525 series carts. They are made of zinc plated steel with a 5" thermoplastic non marking rubber wheel. The set contains 2 swivel plate mounted casters and 2 rigid plate mounted casters and easily bolt right up to the existing holes in the cart. (mounting hardware not included).

Installation of these casters is easy with some basic tools. 
An economical and simple fix to a common problem.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Applications and options for Locking Casters

Casters and wheels by nature roll and move easily, sometimes when we don't want them to. The solution is simple, a brake, to turn your swivel caster into a locking caster and keep your carts and equipment from rolling away.

What brake is right for you?
In this article we will discuss the different styles of brakes for locking casters, from heavy duty industrial to light duty to furniture wheels.

locking casters, cam brake, side brake, heavy duty, light duty

Cam Brake (side brake) is a lever along side of the caster and wheel that when activated pinches the caster fork legs and puts pressure on the spanner and bearing to prevent movement. This is very popular due to it's clean look and easy activation. Note: the lever may stick out past the wheel on 4" and 5" casters. This brake can not be used with sealed precision bearings. Available in stainless steel.

medium duty, industrial, pneumatic wheel brakes

Top Lock Brake (face brake) is the most common style lock for casters. This style has a lever on the side that when activated moves a steel pad onto the top / face of the wheel to prevent movement. A economical option that works well with all types of wheels and bearings. Available in stainless steel.

Medium Duty , light duty, locking casters for carts and equipment

Tech Lock Brake is an extremely easy to use lock that is mounted to the caster at the front and has a foot lever that when pressed, engages a pad on the top / face of the wheel. These come in  nylon or steel. 
Note: This style will add a couple inches on to the swivel radius.

swivel lock, total locking casters

Total Lock Brake is a fantastic option to completely stop movement on your cart or equipment. The total lock is a more expensive option but it will lock the wheel and the swivel of the caster when actuated. It will stop all movement of the caster. This comes in a single pedal style as pictured and a dual pedal to lock each the swivel and wheel separately. Note: This style will add inches to the swivel radius.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Advantages of Non Marking Casters Wheels

5" Pemco PolyKat Shopping Cart Caster replacement Wheels, Polyurethane
Polyurethane Shopping Cart Wheel
There are several types of wheels that are non marking and choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. We are here to help, while non marking caster wheels have some great advantages they have some deficiencies as well and depending on the wheel material they have different characteristics. 

Polyurethane Wheels
Polyurethane wheels are a great non marking wheel with great rolling, wear and abrasion resistance characteristics, they also offer some cushioning.
These wheels can handle more weight than a rubber wheel and are less affected by the elements / weather and can handle rough surfaces, like concrete and asphalt and still protect a smooth painted or finished flooring. For these reasons grocery stores use polyurethane on there shopping cart casters as well as heavy duty industrial will use a polyurethane tread on their carts and equipment if they need to protect a floor.

gray non marking rubber wheel, xs wheel, performa wheel
Albion XS Gray Rubber Wheel
Rubber Wheels
Rubber wheels are not all non marking, black rubber will usually leave skid marks but will protect a floors finish. For a truly non marking rubber wheel, we suggest "Soft Gray Rubber". This wheel still has decent weight capacities but have excellent cushioning wear resistance, along with quiet smooth rolling operation. these will wear more quickly that the polyurethane but is much quieter. These are often seen on hospital carts and equipment, laboratories, food processing plants and even Home Depot and Lowes use a soft rubber wheel on some of there larger dollies and lumber carts to avoid excessive noise. Some great, commonly used wheels are the BuyCasters Xtra Soft Rubber, the Albion XS Wheel and the Colson Performa wheels. All are excellent quality, come in a variety of sizes and offer the floor protection you will need. 

What ever your needs we can keep you rolling at Buy Casters, call toll free if you have any questions about what caster or wheel is right for you! 
1-855-943-3511 (1-855-WHEEL11)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Shopping Cart Casters and Replacement Wheels

grocery cart casters and wheelsGo to any grocery store or department store and you will see an abundance of casters and wheels. The most common would be the shopping cart casters. These casters and wheels take a lot of abuse from excessive use and from the elements. Just because the wheels are bad does not mean the shopping cart is not worth saving. These cart casters and wheels are out doors in rain, snow and heat, they roll over transitions in and out of stores and are used on rough concrete or asphalt in the parking lots. A quality universal replacement caster and wheel is a necessity to keep your carts rolling smoothly and quietly. 

Pemco PolyKat 5" Shopping Cart Caster,
At BuyCasters.com we sell Pemco and an in house brand, Pemco is an OEM supplier of several cart manufacturers.These are perfect and in some cases exact replacements for your worn wheels. Made from the highest quality polyurethane and using sealed bearings they are extremely durable. 5" Polyurethane wheels are an industry standard because they handle the elements, offer some cushioning and handle heavy loads all while being safe on all flooring. We offer other wheels like a cheaper thermo plastic and a soft rubber but in most cases the polyurethane is the way to go. All wheels and casters are available in  4" and 5" diameters.

Replacing these casters and wheels is as easy as removing one nut and bolt and the new ones simply bolt back up into place, often times when removing the old bolts and axles they may become damaged due to corrosion and rust, new axles are available at an affordable price.

Check out our wide selection and great prices on our website www.buycasters.com or call Toll Free 1-855-943-3511for assistance. Quantity discounts are available on the website or by request.

Monday, June 30, 2014

What is a Caster and where are they used?

Look around casters are every where there is rarely a industry that doesn't used casters and wheels in some aspect. Hospitals, grocery stores, offices, industrial plants, delivery and warehouses, laboratories, industrial plants & your home, just to name a few. 

A caster (or castor) is an un-driven (non motorized), single, double, or compound wheel attached to a swivel or rigid caster fork. They are designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object, like a cart, dolly, display, furniture or equipment, so as to enable that object to be easily moved. They are available in various sizes, and are commonly made of steel, rubber, polyurethane, plastic, nylon, aluminum, or stainless steel.
Casters are found in numerous applications, including shopping carts, office chairs, and material handling equipment. High capacity, heavy duty casters are used in many industrial applications, such as platform trucks, carts, assemblies, and tow lines in plants. Generally, casters operate well on smooth and flat surfaces. There are options like pneumatic casters that are air filled that will work well on all surfaces and absorb bumps and cracks.

There three most common casters types are as followed...

rigid casters, swivel casters, xs wheels albion
Rigid Caster                             Swivel Caster 
Rigid Casters: A wheel mounted to a stationary fork with an axle and nut that allows the cart or equipment to roll but will restrict lateral movement.

Swivel Casters: Similar to the rigid in that it is a wheel mounted to a fork, but the swivel will have a pivot to allow the wheel to rotate freely to help with movement and steering.

Locking Caster: Locking casters are usually but not always swivel. These casters are equipped with a brake mechanism to prevent the wheel from rolling when activated.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Casters & Wheels, Choosing from the assortment of options.

There are a wide selection of caster and wheel options like brakes and bearings. We will hopefully give you some insight into choosing the correct options for your application.

First, after choosing your caster size and whether it is swivel or rigid and the wheel you would want to decide on a bearing. There are several choices and we have listed the most popular below.

Plain Bore: With this type there is actually no bearing, the axle rides directly on the hub of the wheel. This is often used in extremely heavy duty applications with very high heat or very light duty like displays and furniture. 
Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
Roller Bearing

Roller Bearing: This is the most popular choice, the axle rides on a greased roller supplying an easy and smoother ride, coupled with a axle with a grease zerk, it is easily maintained. Great for indoors and dry environments on dollies, carts and equipment.

Precision Ball Bearings: These bearings are sealed and need no maintenance or lubrication and are great indoors, outdoors, Perfect for most light to medium duty applications. They offer easier, quieter & smoother rolling characteristics than the roller bearing. Some examples; Medical equipment, lab carts, shopping carts, and dollies

Delrin Bearings: Delrin is a thermoplastic that is used a lot with stainless steel and in wet applications because they will not corrode. They roll better than plain bore but not as well as roller or precision bearings. They are also good in food industries, laboratories and bakeries for steam cleaning, there is a high temp delrin also available.

Tapered Bearings: Tapered are used in heavy duty industrial applications due to the nature of the tapered bearing it can handle much more weight. They are also recommended if you are using a tugger to pull your carts or if they are in a tow line, these bearings can handle higher speeds without over heating and failing. 

Next options are the brakes to turn your casters into locking casters. Mostly brakes are only used on the swivel caster not the rigid.
locking casters and wheels for carts and equipment
Top Lock

Top Lock Brake: This brake attaches to the caster and when the lever is pressed it applies pressure to the top of the wheel.This is our most popular brake for locking casters.

Cam Brake: This style has a larger pedal on the side that when depressed pinches the caster at the bearing and prevents it from moving. This style brake works well but only with roller bearing and plain bore wheels.

Tech Lock Brakes: These are a front pedal brake that also puts pressure on the wheel. This option is easier to operate that the rest but increases your swivel radius.

Total Lock: This brake is similar to the reck lock but also locks the swivel on the casters as well as the wheel. Perfect solution for that cart or table that can have no movement at all.

*All the metal bearings and brakes are also 
available in stainless steel for corrosion and rust prevention.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Product Review: Phenolic Caster Wheels for Heavy Duty Applications

casters and wheels, phenolic, phenolic casters, heavy duty casters
Phenolic Swivel Caster
Phenolic Caster Wheels are some of the most widely used and cost effective wheels on heavy duty industrial carts, dollies, equipment and racking. These resin based wheels are a best seller and a favorite of ours at Buy Casters. 
First off, what is a phenolic wheel? Phenolic is a resin mixed with macerated canvas which creates a high capacity, high impact resistant wheel that has many years of proven reliability in the industry. These wheels are nearly as strong as steel wheels and have similar weight capacities, but will not rust, corrode or cause sparking. While they do not offer great floor protection with heavy loads, they are better than steel or metal wheels in that regard.
These exceptional caster wheels come in and abundance of sizes and are offered with most every bearing available, and are in stock and ready to ship out today.

How can I tell a phenolic wheel from black plastic? If you look carefully at the wheel tread face there usually is a stripe down the center of the wheel that is not polished and you can see the grain of the resin there. Also if you tap it with a hammer it has bait more metallic sound than the plastic wheels due to its hardness.

high temperature phenolic wheel, casters for bakeries, high temp casters
High Temp Phenolic Wheel
Where can I use Phenolic wheels? They can be used most any where, from warehouses to production plants, you will find phenolic wheels everywhere. Phenolic casters are not recommended for high moisture or wet applications like outdoor storage, wash downs and stem cleaning. The excessive moisture can cause cracking and possibly failure, glass filled nylon wheels are a great substitute for wet applications.

We also offer a high temperature phenolic wheel, this version offers higher heat tolerances while maintaining the high load capacities. These wheels like dry heat like ovens and bakeries, if you used in humid or wet applications we recommend high temp nylon. 

All in all we highly recommend the phenolic caster wheel whether on heavy duty industrial carts or medium duty stem and swivel casters for equipment or light or general duty casters for racks and dollies, the phenolic wheel will serve you well. 
Browse our selection of phenolic caster wheels online or call our knowledgeable sales staff toll free today 1-855-943-3511, we will be happy to help.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Kingpinless Casters for your Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

heavy duty, kingpin less, kingpin less casters, industrial castersHeavy duty industrial, manufacturing, freight terminals, warehouses, air cargo, trash containers and many other industries that utilize heavy loads and abusive situations to carts, dollies, platform trucks, tow lines and heavy equipment can benefit from the use of a Kingpinless swivel caster. 
The swivel casters weakest point is the kingpin, this is the pin / bolt that connects the caster legs to the bearing raceway and top plate. When used in heavy shock loading situations like dropping or throwing the loads on to the cart and continuous heavy side loading. This will cause stress on the caster due to the shock of the side impacts on that kingpin. Also heavy loads on carts and equipment rolling over cracks in pavement, transitions from room to room, loading on and off docks and towing applications. If these carts are rolling at any speed this could cause catastrophic failure to the caster. At Buy Casters we recommend Kingpinless Casters to solve these issues. The Kingpinless casters are designed with no kingpin, these casters are made out of ASTM1045 steel and have a drop forged top plate integrated with a forged and precisely machined raceway with a single row of hardened ball bearings. The legs are formed and double welded to the outer raceway for maximum strength. This allows these casters to carry the maximum weight of the bearings used, without horizontal wear, kingpin failure or fracturing of welds, these advantages enable our kingpinless casters to handle extreme side thrust force.

If you are using casters in these applications or are looking for an excellent heavy duty swivel caster and wheels that utilizes a top plate, the kinpinless casters may be just what you need. While the kinpinless casters cost a bit more initially the savings will come from a longer lasting caster and a safer workplace. 
Browse our selection of kinpinless casters and wheels today. If you have trouble finding what is right for you, please call us toll free at 1-855-943-3511 (1-855-WHEEL11) we will be happy to help you!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Caster and Wheels for Metro Brand Wire Shelving

casters and wheels for metro shelving and wire racking
Do you ever wish you could easily move or roll your Metro shelving from place to place? Maybe you are using it in a kitchen or the food industry and are working at a table it would be easier to move the wire racking near you and move it back when finished. At Buy Casters we have a excellent high quality and easy to install solution. The  BC-D-METROSET-5 is a set of 4 swivel grip ring stem casters with bumper guards to help protect other equipment and carts when moving the shelf around. The set includes 2 regular swivel casters and 2 locking casters with non marking soft TPR (thermo plastic rubber) rubber wheels with precision bearings. The gray rubber wheel is 5" in diameter and the set of four can handle about 1300lbs and still roll easily. The swivel grip ring stem is a direct fit after removing the inserts and fits a tube that has an inside diameter (I.D.) of .846". The stem is .846 x 2-3/16".

For a safe, reliable and economical way to mobilize your Metro Shelf stop in at buycasters.com and take a look at the metro shelf caster and wheel set, they are in stock and ready to ship out.

Bulk quantity discounts are available. For any questions finding the caster right for you, please call or email us at 1855-WHEEL11 (855-943-3511).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stainless Steel vs. Tarditional Steel Casters

stainless steel caster, stainless rigid caster, swivel caster, stem caster

In most cases a traditional steel caster is sufficient for strength, durability and corrosion resistance. 
These casters are zinc coated to help with rust but are not rust proof. However there are certain applications that require more protection from the environment in which they are used.

Some examples are if the swivel, rigid or stem mounted casters and wheels are used on carts or dollies outdoors in rain or snow. Other like the food industry or medical equipment in hospitals and laboratories that require steam cleaning and wash downs on a regular basis.  Some manufacturing and processing plants may use heavy duty carts that are subject to corrosive chemicals and cleaning agents, or in marine In these cases a stainless steel caster would be ideal, While stainless steel is more expensive than traditional steel the life span will be greatly increased in those situations and will save you money and time down the road by replacing them less, it will also increase safety, by having a properly rolling cart or equipment and have less chance of operational failure.

Buy Casters' stainless steel casters are made from the highest quality materials, 304 Stainless steel coupled with a nylon, polyurethane, polyolefin or rubber wheel, with a stainless bearing and axle the caster will be virtually impervious to corrosion.

Visit buycasters.com or call us at 1-855-WHEEL11 (943-3511) for more information on our line of stainless steel casters. A experienced sales professional will be happy to help you!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Anatomy of a Caster

swivel caster, caster components, heavy duty casterPurchasing the proper casters and wheels can sometimes
be daunting. Are you looking for swivel casters or industrial casters is there a stem or a top plate. There are certain terms used by the  industry to describe parts of the caster itself. So whether you are replacing you casters on your carts and dollies or you shopping carts or equipment, or have a new project that needs casters and wheels, Buy Casters can help and hopefully this blog will be educational.
This guide is designed to help you with those terms and hopefully this can help you make a good decision on the caster that is right for you.

Pictured is a caster "Yoke or Rig" with a top  plate mounting style. 

1. King Bolt
2. Rivet or Kingpin 
9. Thrust Race
12. Thrust Bearings
13. Button
14. Nut
These attach the caster legs to the top plate.
For a stronger option there is a kinpinless model.
3. Mounting Bolt Holes
Holes for the bolts to mount the casters.
You will need to know the spacing of these to determine proper fit.
4. Top Plate
The top plate it the mounting bracket, there are various sizes and styles, stem mounted is another option, 
which is a post. Threaded stems, grip ring stems and 
expandable adapters are the most common styles.
5. Load Race
6. Load Ball Bearings
7. Yoke Base
These are all components of the swivel mechanism, better components here will allow for greater weight capacity and smoother swivel action.
8. Zerk Fitting
A zerk is required for greasing the bearings in the race way higher quality casters and heavy duty casters would have a zerk fitting.
10. Legs
The size of the legs determine the size wheels that can be used in the caster, also the legs will be fitted with a slot for mounting a brake to turn it into a locking caster.
11. Axle Hole
The axle hole on the caster legs are specific sizes determined by if the caster is light duty, medium duty or heavy duty. 1/2 " axle is the most common but other sizes are available.

These are just a few of the common terms used when describing a caster. Interested in learning more or finding casters to aid in your project? Visit buycasters.com or contact us at 1855-WHEEL11.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Product Review: Leveling Casters for Equipment Carts & Work Stations

Leveling casters are quality, affordable casters that provide both mobility and stability in application, making them great for equipment carts and work stations. Having casters on a working station is great for easily transporting tools and supplies needed for your job. Maybe you’re a mechanic and you need your tools easily accessible regardless of the girth of the car in your garage – leveling casters give you that mobility freedom. The best part? They also make it easy to keep your equipment level once your carts in place. There are plenty of work stations that can benefit from leveling casters since they provide for easy and safe access to necessary job supplies. These casters can be found on work stations in the medical, computer, communication, woodworking, automation and other industries.
 Footmaster Leveling Caster 2-1/2" Wheel

When not needed for mobility purposes, these casters offer stability for the machine by sitting low to the ground with a rubber foot pad to help make them stationary. Not only does the foot help stabilize carts, but it acts as a counter to vibration. Whether sawing or writing, you’ll love the firm stationary use of your leveling casters.

Buycasters’ low profile leveling casters meet the requirements for a number of uses and offer a good balance between price and functionality. These are durable and efficient casters offered in a variety wheel sizes and other options. Leveling casters are available in a variety of wheel sizes: 1.65, 2, 2.5, and 3 inch. The multiple sizes accommodate various weight loads and dimensions of attached machines and equipment. Each of the leveling casters is made with a die-cast, powder-coated aluminum frame and a swivel head of steel. This combination of materials provides for rugged and durable use with a long life, while virtually eliminating the need for maintenance. The non-marking, ultra strong wheels make movement a snap.

Our leveling casters are available at low cost in a wide variety of options. Call 1855-WHEEL11 to ask about discounts in bulk order pricing for larger quantities.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Food Industry Uses for Casters

In the food industry, speed and portability are two of the biggest elements of success. Delivering delicious food in a timely, convenient manner will earn you some serious respect from your customers, and they'll be back again when they're hungry. Casters can be highly useful in a food service environment. Catering and food industry casters and wheels are typically placed on the bottom of something to make it easily mobile. Food industry businesses benefit from this idea tremendously in several ways.
Composite Total Lock Light Duty Caster 5"X 1-1/4" Rubber Wheel
  • Service Carts - Perhaps the best way to serve meals to a table is with a caster-wheeled cart. Carts can allow a server to deliver food to multiple tables quickly. There is also virtually no risk of a server dropping the meals, since they aren't the ones physically carrying them. A clean cart with some simple coverings can also make you look more professional. Choose locking swivel casters for increased mobility and the ability to secure the cart while removing items from it. With the locking ability, a lot of restaurants use carts with these casters to add service area to a buffet line. Great for weekend brunch or dim sun, this is definitely something that beefs up any restaurant's image. 
  • Catering Services - Casters can also be beneficial to catering services. Casters for catering carts are faster and more convenient for the catering workers to set up. By using sturdy, maneuverable casters on a cart, it makes it possible to easily diversify the setup of catering displays. As many successful catering businesses know, appearance and display mean as much as the taste of the food itself. If using casters for catering make sure the wheels are suitable for a variety of floor surfaces and establishments. Sometimes the cart will begin outside and need to be wheeled into a venue with nice hardwood floors or even carpet. It’s important to be ready for any type of environment. 
  • Storage and Transportation - Casters also aid food industries by providing easier methods for storage and transportation. What if you have a bunch of chicken that needs to be stored in a freezer? It's much easier and faster to just load all the chicken on to a caster-ready cart or shelving unit and simply wheel it into the freezer than pick up handfuls of it and walk into the freezer. It's also easier to push a cart on to the back of a truck using a ramp than walking up and down the ramp a bunch of times. Sturdy, locking casters are best for this type of use. 
  • Vending Appliances - Though many vending machines are stationary, they are fitted with casters for occasional movement and stationary placement. That’s why OEM and OE replacement casters are best for vending purposes. These casters are sturdy and will fit directly and easily with your vending appliances. Many of these casters are fitted with a locking feature to ensure that once your vending machine is where you want it, you can lock it in place to prevent any accidental movement. 
  • Kitchen Appliances - Wheeled casters can also help you move appliances around a kitchen or back room safely and quickly. If you're preparing a bunch of food, you need your appliances to go with you wherever you go. Casters on the base of large appliances or such as a dishwasher, grill or large deep fryer help get work done anywhere. 

These are just a few of the common uses of casters in the food industry. Interested in learning more or finding casters to aid in your food service business? Visit buycasters.com or contact us at 1855-WHEEL11.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Unexpected Caster Applications

Casters are ideal units to add to anything that needs to move easily. Common examples include shopping carts and dollies. There are however, some unexpected yet helpful uses for casters in everyday life.

Here are 5 unexpected ways that you can use casters to make your life easier:
    Garage shelving with casters and wheels
  1. Garbage and Recycling Bins – Do you have several heavy garbage and recycling bins that need carried out the curb each and every week? Add a couple of swivel casters to the bottom of the bins so you can easily roll them out to the curb. Swivel casters will help you easily maneuver the bins across sidewalks and other surfaces. Moreover, a small pallet fitted with casters could act as a cost effective garbage and recycling cart to haul cans and bins around. 
  2. Kitchen Appliances – Put kitchen appliances on locking casters. Apply locking casters to the refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove in order to easily move them away from the wall when it comes time to clean. Afterwards they could be safely locked back into place. While this may not be ideal for some kitchens, it would certainly also work in the laundry room. Washer and dryers alike would become an easy move once fitted with casters and provide an easy way to grab that pesky lost sock. 
  3. Garage Shelving & Storage – Use casters on garage shelving and storage units. If your garage is full of storage, why not make moving it a little less of a struggle? Mounting casters on the bottom of a shelving unit would allow for items to be easily accessible from all sides of the unit. Additionally, rearranging storage to accommodate for an alternate garage set-up would be a breeze. Do you need to move some items out of you garage? Just roll the shelves out into the driveway and load your item right into a car or truck. Make sure the casters you choose anticipates not just the load of the shelves, but the items that you plan to store on them. 
  4. Large Sports Equipment – Do you have a soccer goal or basketball hoop that you don’t enjoy leaving outside overnight? Just add some casters and wheel it out of storage when your friends come over for a pickup game. When the game is over, simply wheel it back inside. Locking casters would be ideal for this application in order to keep the unit in place while using. 
  5. Desks – Add casters to your computer desk at home or at the office. Some office desks come with wheels already attached, but if you're the unlucky one who has no wheels, an upgrade might be in order. Adding casters to the desk at home or at the office makes peripheral cable management easier. Just simply unlock the casters, pull out the desk, and plug in your new peripheral. 
Do any of the above ideas have you thinking about what you have around the house or office that you've been struggling to move for years? Find casters and wheels at www.buycasters.com and get moving!