Monday, April 28, 2014

Caster and Wheels for Metro Brand Wire Shelving

casters and wheels for metro shelving and wire racking
Do you ever wish you could easily move or roll your Metro shelving from place to place? Maybe you are using it in a kitchen or the food industry and are working at a table it would be easier to move the wire racking near you and move it back when finished. At Buy Casters we have a excellent high quality and easy to install solution. The  BC-D-METROSET-5 is a set of 4 swivel grip ring stem casters with bumper guards to help protect other equipment and carts when moving the shelf around. The set includes 2 regular swivel casters and 2 locking casters with non marking soft TPR (thermo plastic rubber) rubber wheels with precision bearings. The gray rubber wheel is 5" in diameter and the set of four can handle about 1300lbs and still roll easily. The swivel grip ring stem is a direct fit after removing the inserts and fits a tube that has an inside diameter (I.D.) of .846". The stem is .846 x 2-3/16".

For a safe, reliable and economical way to mobilize your Metro Shelf stop in at and take a look at the metro shelf caster and wheel set, they are in stock and ready to ship out.

Bulk quantity discounts are available. For any questions finding the caster right for you, please call or email us at 1855-WHEEL11 (855-943-3511).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stainless Steel vs. Tarditional Steel Casters

stainless steel caster, stainless rigid caster, swivel caster, stem caster

In most cases a traditional steel caster is sufficient for strength, durability and corrosion resistance. 
These casters are zinc coated to help with rust but are not rust proof. However there are certain applications that require more protection from the environment in which they are used.

Some examples are if the swivel, rigid or stem mounted casters and wheels are used on carts or dollies outdoors in rain or snow. Other like the food industry or medical equipment in hospitals and laboratories that require steam cleaning and wash downs on a regular basis.  Some manufacturing and processing plants may use heavy duty carts that are subject to corrosive chemicals and cleaning agents, or in marine In these cases a stainless steel caster would be ideal, While stainless steel is more expensive than traditional steel the life span will be greatly increased in those situations and will save you money and time down the road by replacing them less, it will also increase safety, by having a properly rolling cart or equipment and have less chance of operational failure.

Buy Casters' stainless steel casters are made from the highest quality materials, 304 Stainless steel coupled with a nylon, polyurethane, polyolefin or rubber wheel, with a stainless bearing and axle the caster will be virtually impervious to corrosion.

Visit or call us at 1-855-WHEEL11 (943-3511) for more information on our line of stainless steel casters. A experienced sales professional will be happy to help you!