Friday, January 16, 2015

Casters for high temperatute applications

4"x 2"  High Temp Phenolic Wheel 1/2" Plain Bore
High Temp Phenolic wheel

A common problem for industries that use high temperature applications , (such as industrial, autoclaves, bakeries, paint booths, foundries, etc.), is what caster and wheel to use that won't be affected by the extreme heat.
We can offer a few solutions to the problem. First off a few questions...

What type of heat is it, humid or dry?  
Medium Duty 6"x 2"" Swivel Caster High Temp Nylon Wheel
Glass Filled Nylon Swivel Caster
For dry heat we recommend either steel or a high temperature phenolic wheel with a plain bore or roller bearing with high temp grease installed. The Phenolic wheel will offer similar capacities to the steel but won't spark and offer a little better floor protection.
For wet or humid heat applications a high temp glass filled nylon wheel will be perfect. You can use steel wheels but they may rust over time.

10"x 3" Ductile Steel Wheel Red Roller Bearing
Ductile Steel
 How long will the caster be in the heat?
High temperature casters can be in extreme heat but the but the duration of the heat can lessen the overall temperature handling of the caster, wheel and bearings. For extended extremely high temps and periods of time, a steel wheel with a plain bore will be necessary, there may be some engineering involved to allow for expansion around the axle in harsher circumstances.

How hot is it?
All of our products will have heat tolerances listed in the technical specs.

If you have any questions about your application please visit our website or call one of our knowledgeable staff at 1-855-943-3511.