Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Applications and options for Locking Casters

Casters and wheels by nature roll and move easily, sometimes when we don't want them to. The solution is simple, a brake, to turn your swivel caster into a locking caster and keep your carts and equipment from rolling away.

What brake is right for you?
In this article we will discuss the different styles of brakes for locking casters, from heavy duty industrial to light duty to furniture wheels.

locking casters, cam brake, side brake, heavy duty, light duty

Cam Brake (side brake) is a lever along side of the caster and wheel that when activated pinches the caster fork legs and puts pressure on the spanner and bearing to prevent movement. This is very popular due to it's clean look and easy activation. Note: the lever may stick out past the wheel on 4" and 5" casters. This brake can not be used with sealed precision bearings. Available in stainless steel.

medium duty, industrial, pneumatic wheel brakes

Top Lock Brake (face brake) is the most common style lock for casters. This style has a lever on the side that when activated moves a steel pad onto the top / face of the wheel to prevent movement. A economical option that works well with all types of wheels and bearings. Available in stainless steel.

Medium Duty , light duty, locking casters for carts and equipment

Tech Lock Brake is an extremely easy to use lock that is mounted to the caster at the front and has a foot lever that when pressed, engages a pad on the top / face of the wheel. These come in  nylon or steel. 
Note: This style will add a couple inches on to the swivel radius.

swivel lock, total locking casters

Total Lock Brake is a fantastic option to completely stop movement on your cart or equipment. The total lock is a more expensive option but it will lock the wheel and the swivel of the caster when actuated. It will stop all movement of the caster. This comes in a single pedal style as pictured and a dual pedal to lock each the swivel and wheel separately. Note: This style will add inches to the swivel radius.