Monday, September 1, 2014

Product Review : Rubbermaid Replacement Casters & Wheels

Rubbermaid mop buckets and carts are high quality and expensive equipment that can take some excessive abuse, if your wheel or caster has failed, don't throw away the cart or bucket, replace the casters with an economical and high quality set of casters and wheels. The sets available a are direct OEM replacements and exceed the standards of Rubbermaid. 

Mop Bucket Caster Se
Rubbermaid Mop Bucket Casters are 3" diameter thermo plastic non marking rubber wheels with a swivel grip ring stem. The casters are zinc coated to resist corrosion. They fit perfectly into the existing holes on the buckets. Each set of 4 casters comes complete with extra inserts, just in case yours have worn out. 

casters and wheels for rubbermaid carts, swivel casters, 5" casters and wheels
Rubbermaid 4401, 4500, 4505, 4525 Caster

The  Rubbermaid Cart Casters are a direct replacement for the 4401, 4500, 4505, 4525 series carts. They are made of zinc plated steel with a 5" thermoplastic non marking rubber wheel. The set contains 2 swivel plate mounted casters and 2 rigid plate mounted casters and easily bolt right up to the existing holes in the cart. (mounting hardware not included).

Installation of these casters is easy with some basic tools. 
An economical and simple fix to a common problem.