Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Furniture and Office Chair Casters and Wheels

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Twin Wheel Caster

There are several different types of furniture / chair casters, different sizes, colors and styles. The most common type of chair caster is the twin wheel hooded caster, (Pictured right). The stem on this caster is a grip ring stem 7/16" wide or thick by 7/8" tall and has 50mm wheels (2"). Made out of black nylon. This style caster comes on most new office and desk chairs and for the most part is adequate for the job.

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Chair / Furniture Caster

If you chair casters have worn out or you are using your chair on hardwood floors, you may want to upgrade to a higher quality caster.

We offer several options for your chairs, the wheels recommended for hardwood floors have a caster with a polyurethane or gray rubber tread and will not scratch or leave marks on the flooring. You could get the same style wheel with polyurethane tread or upgrade to a heavier duty style like the one pictured to the left. This is a gray non marking rubber which will roll quietly and not scuff your flooring.
Hardwood floor safe casters are a common upgrade, while not cheap they are certainly cheaper than having your floor re-finished

While the above mentioned grip ring stem is the most common, there are several types of mounting applications. There is a grip neck stem which is commonly found in older, wooden furniture and usually has a socket that will need replacing. Next is the threaded stem, the most difficult to replace due to the numerous sizes available, measuring is a must height, width and thread pitch is necessary.
Lastly the top plate style, measuring is easy and quick as there are only a few sizes available the top plate style is more commonly used on displays and desks. Expandable adapters are used in furniture with tubular legs and piping.

threaded stem casters, grip ring stem, grip neck stem, expandable adapter
Stem Style Samples