Sunday, June 1, 2014

Product Review: Phenolic Caster Wheels for Heavy Duty Applications

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Phenolic Swivel Caster
Phenolic Caster Wheels are some of the most widely used and cost effective wheels on heavy duty industrial carts, dollies, equipment and racking. These resin based wheels are a best seller and a favorite of ours at Buy Casters. 
First off, what is a phenolic wheel? Phenolic is a resin mixed with macerated canvas which creates a high capacity, high impact resistant wheel that has many years of proven reliability in the industry. These wheels are nearly as strong as steel wheels and have similar weight capacities, but will not rust, corrode or cause sparking. While they do not offer great floor protection with heavy loads, they are better than steel or metal wheels in that regard.
These exceptional caster wheels come in and abundance of sizes and are offered with most every bearing available, and are in stock and ready to ship out today.

How can I tell a phenolic wheel from black plastic? If you look carefully at the wheel tread face there usually is a stripe down the center of the wheel that is not polished and you can see the grain of the resin there. Also if you tap it with a hammer it has bait more metallic sound than the plastic wheels due to its hardness.

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High Temp Phenolic Wheel
Where can I use Phenolic wheels? They can be used most any where, from warehouses to production plants, you will find phenolic wheels everywhere. Phenolic casters are not recommended for high moisture or wet applications like outdoor storage, wash downs and stem cleaning. The excessive moisture can cause cracking and possibly failure, glass filled nylon wheels are a great substitute for wet applications.

We also offer a high temperature phenolic wheel, this version offers higher heat tolerances while maintaining the high load capacities. These wheels like dry heat like ovens and bakeries, if you used in humid or wet applications we recommend high temp nylon. 

All in all we highly recommend the phenolic caster wheel whether on heavy duty industrial carts or medium duty stem and swivel casters for equipment or light or general duty casters for racks and dollies, the phenolic wheel will serve you well. 
Browse our selection of phenolic caster wheels online or call our knowledgeable sales staff toll free today 1-855-943-3511, we will be happy to help.

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