Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Kingpinless Casters for your Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

heavy duty, kingpin less, kingpin less casters, industrial castersHeavy duty industrial, manufacturing, freight terminals, warehouses, air cargo, trash containers and many other industries that utilize heavy loads and abusive situations to carts, dollies, platform trucks, tow lines and heavy equipment can benefit from the use of a Kingpinless swivel caster. 
The swivel casters weakest point is the kingpin, this is the pin / bolt that connects the caster legs to the bearing raceway and top plate. When used in heavy shock loading situations like dropping or throwing the loads on to the cart and continuous heavy side loading. This will cause stress on the caster due to the shock of the side impacts on that kingpin. Also heavy loads on carts and equipment rolling over cracks in pavement, transitions from room to room, loading on and off docks and towing applications. If these carts are rolling at any speed this could cause catastrophic failure to the caster. At Buy Casters we recommend Kingpinless Casters to solve these issues. The Kingpinless casters are designed with no kingpin, these casters are made out of ASTM1045 steel and have a drop forged top plate integrated with a forged and precisely machined raceway with a single row of hardened ball bearings. The legs are formed and double welded to the outer raceway for maximum strength. This allows these casters to carry the maximum weight of the bearings used, without horizontal wear, kingpin failure or fracturing of welds, these advantages enable our kingpinless casters to handle extreme side thrust force.

If you are using casters in these applications or are looking for an excellent heavy duty swivel caster and wheels that utilizes a top plate, the kinpinless casters may be just what you need. While the kinpinless casters cost a bit more initially the savings will come from a longer lasting caster and a safer workplace. 
Browse our selection of kinpinless casters and wheels today. If you have trouble finding what is right for you, please call us toll free at 1-855-943-3511 (1-855-WHEEL11) we will be happy to help you!

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