Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Food Industry Uses for Casters

In the food industry, speed and portability are two of the biggest elements of success. Delivering delicious food in a timely, convenient manner will earn you some serious respect from your customers, and they'll be back again when they're hungry. Casters can be highly useful in a food service environment. Catering and food industry casters and wheels are typically placed on the bottom of something to make it easily mobile. Food industry businesses benefit from this idea tremendously in several ways.
Composite Total Lock Light Duty Caster 5"X 1-1/4" Rubber Wheel
  • Service Carts - Perhaps the best way to serve meals to a table is with a caster-wheeled cart. Carts can allow a server to deliver food to multiple tables quickly. There is also virtually no risk of a server dropping the meals, since they aren't the ones physically carrying them. A clean cart with some simple coverings can also make you look more professional. Choose locking swivel casters for increased mobility and the ability to secure the cart while removing items from it. With the locking ability, a lot of restaurants use carts with these casters to add service area to a buffet line. Great for weekend brunch or dim sun, this is definitely something that beefs up any restaurant's image. 
  • Catering Services - Casters can also be beneficial to catering services. Casters for catering carts are faster and more convenient for the catering workers to set up. By using sturdy, maneuverable casters on a cart, it makes it possible to easily diversify the setup of catering displays. As many successful catering businesses know, appearance and display mean as much as the taste of the food itself. If using casters for catering make sure the wheels are suitable for a variety of floor surfaces and establishments. Sometimes the cart will begin outside and need to be wheeled into a venue with nice hardwood floors or even carpet. It’s important to be ready for any type of environment. 
  • Storage and Transportation - Casters also aid food industries by providing easier methods for storage and transportation. What if you have a bunch of chicken that needs to be stored in a freezer? It's much easier and faster to just load all the chicken on to a caster-ready cart or shelving unit and simply wheel it into the freezer than pick up handfuls of it and walk into the freezer. It's also easier to push a cart on to the back of a truck using a ramp than walking up and down the ramp a bunch of times. Sturdy, locking casters are best for this type of use. 
  • Vending Appliances - Though many vending machines are stationary, they are fitted with casters for occasional movement and stationary placement. That’s why OEM and OE replacement casters are best for vending purposes. These casters are sturdy and will fit directly and easily with your vending appliances. Many of these casters are fitted with a locking feature to ensure that once your vending machine is where you want it, you can lock it in place to prevent any accidental movement. 
  • Kitchen Appliances - Wheeled casters can also help you move appliances around a kitchen or back room safely and quickly. If you're preparing a bunch of food, you need your appliances to go with you wherever you go. Casters on the base of large appliances or such as a dishwasher, grill or large deep fryer help get work done anywhere. 

These are just a few of the common uses of casters in the food industry. Interested in learning more or finding casters to aid in your food service business? Visit buycasters.com or contact us at 1855-WHEEL11.


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