Friday, October 3, 2014

Product Review: Buy Casters V Groove Wheels

4"x 2" Cast Iron / Semi Steel v groove wheel, black, roller bearing
Cast Iron V Groove wheel
V-Groove caster wheels are commonly used in heavy duty industrial applications. They are made of steel / cast iron, Ductile steel , drop forged steel, polyurethane and nylon.
The most common is the cast iron aka semi steel, these are economical and have great capacities and and durability. V groove wheels are specifically made for riding on inverted angle iron track but can be also used on flat surfaces. The "v groove" in the wheel allows for load equalization while running on the track. These wheels, depending on the size, can handle loads up to 3500 lbs per wheel, they have a tensile strength of 30,000 psi, and can handle temps from -40f to 600f.

An excellent high quality option that have been put through rigorous tests to handle the abuse and heavy duty applications of today's industrial and manufacturing industries.

Offered with several bearing types, roller and tapered bearings are the most common.

V-Groove wheels are the perfect solution to keeping those heavy duty carts and dollies safely on track.


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