Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Advantages of Non Marking Casters Wheels

5" Pemco PolyKat Shopping Cart Caster replacement Wheels, Polyurethane
Polyurethane Shopping Cart Wheel
There are several types of wheels that are non marking and choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. We are here to help, while non marking caster wheels have some great advantages they have some deficiencies as well and depending on the wheel material they have different characteristics. 

Polyurethane Wheels
Polyurethane wheels are a great non marking wheel with great rolling, wear and abrasion resistance characteristics, they also offer some cushioning.
These wheels can handle more weight than a rubber wheel and are less affected by the elements / weather and can handle rough surfaces, like concrete and asphalt and still protect a smooth painted or finished flooring. For these reasons grocery stores use polyurethane on there shopping cart casters as well as heavy duty industrial will use a polyurethane tread on their carts and equipment if they need to protect a floor.

gray non marking rubber wheel, xs wheel, performa wheel
Albion XS Gray Rubber Wheel
Rubber Wheels
Rubber wheels are not all non marking, black rubber will usually leave skid marks but will protect a floors finish. For a truly non marking rubber wheel, we suggest "Soft Gray Rubber". This wheel still has decent weight capacities but have excellent cushioning wear resistance, along with quiet smooth rolling operation. these will wear more quickly that the polyurethane but is much quieter. These are often seen on hospital carts and equipment, laboratories, food processing plants and even Home Depot and Lowes use a soft rubber wheel on some of there larger dollies and lumber carts to avoid excessive noise. Some great, commonly used wheels are the BuyCasters Xtra Soft Rubber, the Albion XS Wheel and the Colson Performa wheels. All are excellent quality, come in a variety of sizes and offer the floor protection you will need. 

What ever your needs we can keep you rolling at Buy Casters, call toll free if you have any questions about what caster or wheel is right for you! 
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