Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Product Review: Multipurpose Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are an essential multipurpose device that can be used for nearly any application. With rugged construction and aluminum composition, a hand truck is a tool that will last for a long time. The heavy duty nature of the material allows for a hand truck to hold hundreds of pounds, which makes it perfect for anything from moving sound equipment to moving boxes of heavy materials.
Wesco Hand Truck

The tough materials used in constructing a hand cart allow for it to last a long time, even with repeated and extended usage. While these carts are well-constructed, they are also lightweight and extremely portable, generally weighing in at less than fifty pounds. Hand carts have a wide body which allow for superb cart stability. Even off-balanced loads can be handled on a cart so long as care is taken during transportation.

Convertible hand trucks with rugged, pneumatic air filled wheels can be used on a vast range of terrain. These hand carts can be used upright for moving bulky items or for convenient storage. They can also be lowered and used for transportation of many different materials, with multiple options for handles. One type of handle system incorporates dual grips, which are especially useful for pushing the cart. Another type of handle system is a continuous handle, which is beneficial for applications that involve pulling a hand cart. There are many handle system variations that can be matched to any need. The conversion from two wheels to four wheels is extremely easy, as in the conversion from four wheels to two wheels.

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