Friday, December 20, 2013

Product Review: Gate Casters

When you have a gate or door that requires a caster to assist in its operation, there are several things that you should consider so that you can buy the appropriate caster for your application.
gate casters and wheels

Here are the 4 S’s of choosing the right gate caster

  • Size & Weight: You can quickly determine the size of the wheel needed for your caster by determining the load weight of your gate/door as well as the actual size of it. BuyCasters’ products are designed to accommodate gates/doors that range in weight from 400 to 500 pounds of load weight. These high quality gate and door casters come with large 6” and 8” wheels which make them easier to move than smaller types of wheels. We recommend a 6” caster wheel when the space between the ground and the gate is less than 9-1/2”. Use an 8” caster wheel when the space is 9-1/2” or greater.
  • Surface: You must also check the ground conditions that the wheel will be operating on. The rubber wheels on aluminum casters as well as the rubber on nylon casters are designed to be used on concrete and asphalt surfaces, whereas the polyurethane wheels are designed to be used only in smooth areas. 
  • Slope: When choosing casters, it is important to take into account the slope of the surface that the wheel will be traveling on. These casters are designed with a shock absorbing compression spring that actually supports the weight of the gate/door even on slopes up to 1 inch so that you get a smoother, much easier operation of the gate or door. Be sure to check for that slope when choosing your product. 
  • Scene: What about the environment? These casters are designed to work in any temperature and are rust resistant, however, the wheel bearing grease will start to harden at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit and prevent optimum operation of the bearings. There is bearing grease available for extreme temperatures but you will need to make that need known.’s casters are high quality products designed to function well in any application. Our gate casters and wheels are designed to be lightweight and quiet when riding. As long as you take time to make the appropriate selection for your needs, you will have a wonderful experience with Buy Casters' products.


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